29 Apr

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US oil leak ‘worse than thought’

Louisiana appeals for federal aid to protect its coast after leak estimates raised.

Haitians angry over aid levels

 More than three months after the Haitian earthquake, the United Nations says it has now reached nearly all of the one-and-a-half million displaced people living in emergency shelters.But some say those figures are misleading and do not reflect the realities on the ground.Many Haitians remain angry over their squalid living conditions.

Al Jazeera’s Sebastian Walker has more from Port-au-Prince.


Israel’s dog and pony show

A tour reveals the facts on the ground being made at the expense of Palestinian statehood.


A US Border Patrol officer walks beside the fence which divides America from Mexico in the frontier town of Nogales, Arizona

The law that turned Arizona into a pariah state

The McGlynn: The Boycott is starting to work.

Draconian new bill to target suspected illegal immigrants is instead driving away tourists. Guy Adams reports from Phoenix

Crackdown inspired by toughest sheriff in US

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