28 Feb

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Chile quake ‘affects two million’

President declares “state of catastrophe” after 8.8-magnitude earthquake strikes close to country’s second largest city.
Tsunami fears abate in Japan
Earthquake hits central Chile
No ‘regular tremor’
Chile’s earthquake explained
Timeline: Recent major earthquakes
Six Palestinians reportedly wounded in standoff at al-Aqsa mosque compound.
Postuhmous video by suicide bomber details spy


US must drop false dichotomy of sanctions or war and embrace direct talks.
Case involving senior military figures reveals secret plots and conspiracy theories.
A senior Hamas official speaks to Al Jazeera about the Dubai assassination.
They call on Washington to withdraw support for Israel’s policies in Palestine.


Satellite image of a 60-mile-long iceberg, right, crashing into the Mertz Glacier tongue in Antarctica

Giant iceberg breaks free from Antarctic in collision

An iceberg the size of Luxembourg has broken away from the Antarctic continent and is drifting towards an area of the Southern Ocean that plays a critical role in driving the world’s ocean circulation – the global “conveyor belt” of circulating sea water.


US banks veto ‘socialist pay’ in secret talks

America’s top bankers quashed attempts by their British counterparts to persuade the industry to bring down salaries in response to public outrage after the world’s governments spent billions rescuing the system.

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