25 Apr

Events of Interest and Analyses

Clashes as settlers march in Israel

Rightwing group wants Palestinian homes razed as US envoy tries to restart peace talks.

Jerusalem: A city divided

New players in the Middle East?

A partner for peace?

Assessing Israel’s punitive policy

Strained US-Israel relations


Japanese rally against US air base

Besides Futenma, the US has 29 military facilities on the island of Okinawa [AFP]

Demonstrators have gathered at a rally in Okinawa, Japan, to protest against a US military air base on the island.

Sunday’s rally, near Kadena air base, the largest US military facility in the Asia-Pacific region, is expected to include Hirokazu Nakaima, Okinawa’s governor, and more than 30 town mayors.

Many on the island are unhappy with the heavy American military presence – a legacy of Japan’s World War II defeat – complaining of noise, pollution and frictions with US soldiers.


A tragic past and uncertain future


Band Of Brothers author accused of fabrication for Eisenhower biography

US academic world shocked as respected historian is said to have ‘made up’ meetings with 34th US president.

EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower in uniform in front of a US flag. Photograph: AP

His book Band of Brothers – which chronicled the exploits of one company of US airborne troops in second world war Europe – was turned into a highly praised TV series.

But now American historian Professor Stephen Ambrose, who was President Dwight D Eisenhower’s official biographer and wrote or edited more than a dozen books about him, is embroiled in a posthumous controversy. It is alleged that he invented many meetings he claimed to have had with Eisenhower, and even fabricated entire interviews with him. The revelations have sent shock waves through the scholarly community in the United States.

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