23 Apr

Events of Interest and Analyses

Scores killed in Iraq blasts

At least 60 people killed in Baghdad and seven die in attacks in Anbar province.
Iraqis allege ‘secret jail’ abuse
Al-Qaeda ‘targets Baghdad homes’
Iraq outrage over US killing video
Iraqi capital reels from attacks
Blasts hit Baghdad
Iraq hit by fresh attacks


Belgian bishop quits over sex abuse

Pope accepts resignation of bishop after he admits sexually abusing a young boy.

Israeli PM firm on settlements


Israel’s prime minister has again rejected US calls to halt illegal settlement construction in East Jerusalem, as Washington’s Middle East envoy began a fresh attempt to relaunch peace talks.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments were broadcast on Israeli television on Thursday, shortly after George Mitchell, the US representative to the region, arrived for his first visit in six weeks.

“I am saying one thing. There will be no freeze in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Channel Two television.


Obama said the financial system as it stands was the root of 'a series of massive, costly taxpayer bailouts'

President prepares to cut Wall Street down to size

Friday, 23 April 2010

Republican opposition to reform wanes as public vent fury at bankers’ excess


Lloyd Blankfein awaits the President's speech yesterday in New York

Democrats happy to keep Goldman contributions

Friday, 23 April 2010

A senior executive of Goldman Sachs might be viewed as persona non grata by households across America that have felt the effects of the credit meltdown on jobs and wages, but not it seems by the White House.


Deepwater Horizon oil rig sinks, sparking pollution fears

Drill Obama! Drill! Drill!!

• Crude oil could be spilling into waters off Louisiana coast
• Hopes fade for 11 workers missing after explosion and fire

Eleven US workers who are missing after a fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig off Louisiana are feared dead Link to this video A deepwater oil platform that burned for more than a day after an explosion has sunk in the Gulf of Mexico as hopes faded of finding 11 missing workers.
The sinking of the Deepwater Horizon could release more than 1,135,600 litres of crude oil a day into the water. The environmental hazards would be greatest if the spill were to reach the Louisiana coast, about 50 miles (80km) away.

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