03 May

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Editorial: Anti-immigrant law

Arizona has just passed the toughest law dealing with illegal immigrants in the US. The law is one which is arguably unconstitutional. In a state such as Arizona — with fewer than seven million people, nearly half a million are thought to be illegal — the law is needed to secure its porous border, one of the main entry points for illegal aliens into the US.

If my wish was his command

If I found a magic lamp, rubbed it and a genie came out to grant me three literary wishes, the first would be never to hear the words “Islamists” and “death threats” together again; the second would be to erase the word “burqa” and the third I would keep for a rainy day. There are some crazy fanatics out there whose sole task in life seems to be to post death threats on the Internet. On the whole I try to ignore them.



General Petraeus’ Thirty Years War


After creating an American-financed militia in Iraq and doing the same in Afghanistan and Palestine, General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command, is leading a grand withdrawal that leaves behind men with weapons and excellent reason to use them. Disastrous field-marshalling in Europe’s Thirty Years War notwithstanding, the “divide and disappear” strategy is perhaps the silliest thing an imperial power has ever done. (May 2, ’10)

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