21 Mar

Events of Interest and Analyses

Envoys push for Middle East peace

Israel believed likely to offer some concessions to US following settlement debacle.
Key points from Quartet statement
Are indirect talks key to peace?
Jerusalem’s religious heart
East Jerusalem housing plan
Q&A: Jewish settlements

Two Palestinians shot dead

Israeli army says the men were killed near security crossing in occupied West Bank.

Iraq PM seeks manual vote recount

Rival bloc calls al-Maliki’s call a “clear threat” against the nation’s election commission.


East Jerusalem housing plan


Scientists warn higher salinity in the fertile region could lead to economic disaster.

A forensic officer investigates the shooting of a man in Ciudad Juarez

The US-Mexico border: where the drugs war has soaked the ground blood red

Cartels have murdered thousands in the past four years as they fight over the spoils of hugely lucrative trafficking. American policy has only fuelled the carnage. The chaos will not change without fresh thinking

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