20 Mar

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Pope says ‘sorry’ to abuse victims

In letter to Irish clergy, Benedict backs decisive action on sexual abuse by Catholic priests.
Pope’s apology ‘not enough’
Pope responds to child abuse row
Ireland’s legacy of abuse

At least 11 people wounded during second night of Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip.


Obama sends Iran internet message

US president pledges to ensure online freedom and offers dialogue with Tehran.


Iraq author says status of women has deteriorated since 2003 US-led invasion.



Seeking a ‘real’ end to Iraq War

US veterans call on Washington to fully withdraw from Iraq, seven years after invasion.


A Ruinous Meltdown

By BOB HERBERT, NYT, Op-Ed Columnist, March 20, 2010

A story that is not getting nearly enough attention is the ruinous fiscal meltdown occurring in state after state, all across the country.

Taxes are being raised. Draconian cuts in services are being made. Public employees are being fired. The tissue-thin national economic recovery is being undermined. And in many cases, the most vulnerable populations — the sick, the elderly, the young and the poor — are getting badly hurt.


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