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Israel acts on West Bank wall order


Decision to reroute part of separation barrier near Bilin follows court ruling.

Israel barrier cuts off family

What the Gaza war meant for Israel

Video: Israel’s illegal wall


Yemen’s options after ceasefire

The scars of a war that has been on and off for six years won’t heal easily.

Break the silence on Iran

Analyst says Arabs can no longer afford to ignore Tehran’s human rights abuses.

South Africa’s hopes 20 years on

Apartheid has come and gone, but many still suffer from poverty and lack of services.


Middle East

Israel fighting ‘delegitimisation campaign’

By Clayton Swisher



Haiti – one month later

By Rob Reynolds



The Forgotten Force

By Mike Hanna




02/12/10 Reuters: Looming NATO offensive raises few Afghan spiritsA NATO offensive is a hard sell to some Afghans, even if it breaks the Taliban’s iron grip on their lives and eventually delivers Western aid. Thousands of foreign troops, including U.S. Marines and British forces, as well as the largest number of Afghan troops ever involved in a NATO operation, are gearing up to fight in Marjah town in Helmand, Afghanistan’s most violent province.
02/12/10 cbsnews: Marines Engage Taliban on Edge of MarjahU.S. Marines at forward positions are continuing their slow, dangerous advance Friday toward the heart of a Taliban-held town in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province.
02/12/10 dpa: Inquiry launched as bodies found in Afghan villageThe Afghan Interior Ministry and the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said Friday they are to conduct a joint inquiry into the discovery of four bodies after the armed forces raided a village compound.
02/12/10 paktribune: Taliban vow guerrilla warfare against Afghan, NATO troopsThe Taliban vowed on Thursday to fight back with a “hit and run” guerrilla campaign against Western and Afghan forces preparing to storm one of their key strongholds in southern Afghanistan.
02/12/10 AFP: Nato finds ‘gagged’ bodies of Afghan womenThe bodies of three “bound and gagged” Afghan women were found in a house after a shoot-out between Nato-backed Afghan forces and insurgents in the east of the country, the military said Friday.
02/11/10 AP: 5 Americans wounded in attack at US baseA suicide bomber wearing an Afghan border policeman’s uniform blew himself up Thursday at a U.S. base near the Pakistani frontier, wounding five Americans, an Afghan official said.
02/11/10 Reuters: Afghanistan says ready if thousands flee assaultAfghanistan is ready to feed thousands if they flee a major assault by NATO troops, but officials hope fighting will be limited and civilians can safely stay home, President Hamid Karzai’s spokesman said.
02/11/10 AP: US troops close Taliban escape route as big offensive in Afghanistan loomsU.S. and Afghan soldiers linked up with Marines on the outskirts of the Taliban stronghold of Marjah on Thursday, sealing off escape routes and setting the stage for what is being described as the biggest offensive of the nine-year war.
02/11/10 NYTimes: As Afghan Campaign Looms, Tribal Leaders SkepticalWith the prospect of a military operation looming, Afghan leaders met Thursday with a group of tribal elders from the southern city of Marja to tell them that, indeed, government and NATO forces would soon rid the area of Taliban fighters and that Afghan police and soldiers would stay behind after the fighting was over.

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