11 Feb

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The Israelis have a lot of experience dealing with asymmetrical warfare.  But they’re not exactly used to its latest manifestation, which could be coming to a college campus near you.

Committed activists let their frustrations be heard on Monday in two separate lectures delivered by senior Israeli diplomats.

While the videos go viral among students, its watching the tactics used at these events that must be leaving Israel unnerved.

Consider the way in which a mockery was made of Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, who presented at the University of California at Irvine.

Students Protest at General Petraeus Address


Photo by EPA

Demonstrators from a women’s group rallied outside Haiti’s ruined National Palace on Tuesday.

They said they are angry with their government, and with the United Nations, which they believe isn’t doing enough to provide shelter.

“We don’t have any tents! We haven’t gotten help from anyone,” one of the demonstrators told me.

Over and over, Haitians tell foreign visitors they have lost all faith in their government. Many say they are pinning their hopes on their superpower neighbour to the north.

“If the Americans stay, my life will change. Everyone’s life will be changed. We want the Americans to take over the country, today,” a man selling fruit outside the palace grounds told me.

“We want American people to be in charge, not the Haitians. If Haitians officials are in charge of the aid, they will only help their own families and friends.”

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