19 Jun

Don’t Spy On US Action



How’s this for a plan? We all try to forget Dick Cheney ever existed
and hope he just goes away.

Well, apparently it’s not working because there he was on another
Sunday morning political talk show defending the NSA’s unlimited
wiretapping program. We already had another confirmation this week of
its illegality from House member Nadler, who was privy to the
classified briefing which MOST of the U.S. Senate skipped last
Thursday. According to Nadler, he was told that thousands of NSA
agents have the power right now to listen to any phone call or read
any email they please, without authorization by a specific warrant,
which is exactly what the NSA whistleblower warned us about.

Don’t Spy On US Action Page:

Just so we are clear, they are not supposed to even have the power of
such connectivity without a court warrant. And THAT is the primary
issue here.

It’s not surprising that Cheney should defend it because it’s his
totalitarian program. According to what we already know, at least
Microsoft and Yahoo were fully cooperating with the PRISM
eavesdropping scheme before President Obama was even elected. In
fact, Cheney stated yesterday the NSA snooping program was formulated
in HIS office.

What is most stomach turning about all this is Cheney’s argument that
if only they had such power before the 9/11 attacks they could have
been prevented. No, actually what would have stopped them is if they
had not been so completely asleep at the switch about the threat, and
if the FBI itself had not deliberately sabotaged the valiant and
determined attempt of FBI agents to get an ordinary garden variety
search warrant to look at Moussaoui’s laptop.

And Cheney could not resist getting in a cheap shot about Benghazi,
as if inaccurate talking points after the fact were some kind of huge
presidential scandal. We seem to recall a extended campaign of
deliberate lying and manufactured false intelligence to sell the
American people on invading Iraq, which CAUSED the death of more
Americans than 9/11, and the looting of trillions of dollars from our
national treasury. But we’re all supposed to have just forgotten
about that.

Oh, by the way, we just completed final post production of a full
length feature, dramatic film about all this and more, The Last War
Crime. Only a relative handful of people so far have actually seen
this finished version, and so of course you probably haven’t seen it
yet. But maybe the first step in that direction would be for you to
request a ticket, calling for it to be shown at a theater near you.
Just a thought.

Last War Crime movie ticket requests:

Since we are on the subject we might as well give you an update. We
just submitted the film to three film festivals with a reputation for
being open to controversial material, Mill Valley, Austin and
Raindance (in London). These are all very competitive prominent film
festivals, so if we are selected by either of the ones in this
country we’d like to think some of you folks would come out to
support these events.

At the same time we have a federal lawsuit pending and are fighting
back against a radio station in Washington, DC, because for political
reasons they refused to run an ad for The Last War Crime movie. We
recently got a notice that the case had been reassigned to one of the
most prestigious senior judges on the circuit, kicked upstairs so to
speak. This is the same judge that is handling Bank of America’s 2
billion dollar suit against the FDIC. We’d like to think this is an
indication that someone up there is reading our arguments and taking
them very seriously. But we’ll keep you posted.

So the question you might now ask yourself is this. Are you a big
supporter of Dick Cheney? If you are not outraged about the abuses at
the NSA you may in constructive fact be a big supporter of Dick
Cheney. Whether or not you trust smiling Barack Obama not to abuse
these unconstitutional powers, what will protect you when the next
Dick Cheney gets elected? Or did you think there could never again
possibly be another Republican president?

Do you wish Dick Cheney would just shut up? Other than natural
causes, the only thing that is going to make that happen is a federal
indictment. That’s what The Last War Crime movie is all about. So
what’s it going to be folks? Will you be big supporters of The Last
War Crime movie, or will you be, by default, big supporters of Dick

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