13 Apr

Detroit School Teacher Fired Over Martin Fundraiser

Amy Goodman

An eighth grade charter school teacher in Michigan has been fired after helping her students organize a fundraiser for Trayvon Martin’s parents. Brooke Harris and her students at Pontiac Academy for Excellence drew up a plan to raise money by donating one dollar each to wear a hoodie to school, as Martin had worn when he was shot dead. She obtained permission for the fundraiser but her Superintendent opposed the plan. Harris was initially suspended and then later fired without explanation. “They did not want to walk out of class; they didn’t want to wear the hoods over their head. They just wanted to pay a dollar to wear their regular clothes instead of uniform and donate that money to someone else who they saw needed it,” Harris says. “I just wanted to know what I specifically did wrong, so I could learn from my alleged mistake and be sure never to do that again.”

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