16 Jun

Democrat claims gun control victory


The McGlynn

Democrat claims gun control victory

Chris Murphy, who led Democrats in holding floor for more than 14 hours, says deal was struck with Republicans for vote on background checks and terror watchlist.

The McGlynn, Some Thoughts:

Thank you,  Senator Murphy and Congratulations to the senator, but at most this is just a start of the long road back to sanity.

 However if the past is prologue what we will now see is a thin list of watery proposals that will get watered down even further in the legislative process and then voted down completely.

The level of tragedy will increase in the United States, along with the power of the NRA.


It is interesting to note that some legal experts argue that the Second Amendment only provides for the legality of weapons available at the time it was ratified – like muskets. Doubtless the number of victims of massacres would be significantly reduced if the deranged psychopath was using a flintlock musket instead of an automatic weapon.

US gun laws are crazy and an affront to citizens who have the right to go about their business without fear of being shot. I say this because the number of people shot each year in the US is much, much higher than any other country in the civilized world.

(1)Disarming is not letting the criminals run wild.

(2) Disarming is removing the ridiculously high number of guns that criminals can currently get their hands on.
(3) Disarming will also stop the quite frankly ridiculous statistic that toddlers kill more American citizens than terrorists do.
(4) Disarming will also remove the situation where American soldiers today are in more danger in the US than they are in Iraq or Afghanistan. If your trip home is more dangerous than a war zone, something has gone wrong.
(6) Disarming will also help lower the number of suicides. It is a fact that just a little bit of inconvenience is enough to stop a lot of suicides. Gun ownership removes that inconvenience.

(7) The US has the highest gun ownership in the western world, yet despite the claim that gun ownership in some way combats criminals, we also have the highest incarceration rate in the western world..

To the rest of the world fourteen long hours just to ban guns to suspected terrorists sounds like insanity . Ban the damn killing machines altogether!

The vast majority of mass shootings have nothing to do with foreign terrorism. Orlando was not an act of foreign terrorism. There will always be another mass shooting about to happen in the US until gun ownership is severely restricted. This is just a simple fact of American life and to treat this as normal and acceptable is a textbook definition of insanity.

The McGlynn

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