10 Sep

Demand that President Obama and Governor Romney explain exactly what they’ll do to stop the violence.

 My little girl was murdered with a gun that January morning in Tucson, Arizona, when she went to visit one of her heroes, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.It’s often hard for me to speak about Christina-Taylor without getting emotional. But last week, I travelled to Washington, D.C. with 13 other survivors and family members from the Tucson shooting to share our stories with the U.S. Attorney General and urge him to take action.

Before the meeting, thousands of you shared words of encouragement with us, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for standing with us. Your support meant so much.

We let the Attorney General know that we expect President Obama to get specific on how he will reduce the gun violence that claims 34 Americans every day—and that more than 150,000 Americans have joined us to Demand a Plan.

If you haven’t already, please add your signature to demand that President Obama and Governor Romney explain exactly what they’ll do to stop the violence.

If you’ve already added your voice, please ask your family and friends to join you.

It was an emotional meeting, but the Attorney General assured us that he’d pass on our petition and stories to the President.

I will never forget how President Obama honored the memory of my daughter when he addressed the nation in the days after the tragedy and said “I want America to be as good as she imagined it.”

I will continue to fight for that America—one where fewer parents ever have to go through the pain of losing a child to gun violence.

Thanks again for your support—it made this difficult journey a little bit easier,
Roxanna Green


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If President Obama wanted to truly honor this child, he would push for more effective gun control. Oh wait, he can’t do that. That would antagonize the NRA and Obama doesn’t want to antagonize anyone. Not like Roosevelt who said he welcomed the hate directed at him by big business, big banks, and Wall Street.

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