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Deeply ashamed TO BE JEWISH



By Colindale’s London Blog.

The history of Judaism and the Jewish people is a narrative of not only persecution and achievement but also of forced dispersement around the world to form an amazing diaspora of excellence in many fields, including medicine, physics and chemistry. I and my family, going back many generations to Eastern Europe, are inordinately proud to be Jewish and to have access to such an amazing heritage.

That pride is hugely damaged, today by a profile of Israel as a rogue state that knows only violence to achieve its aims and which has jettisoned any claim to conform to the teachings and ethics of Judaism. It is one that affords me and hundreds of thousands of others – both Jewish and Gentile, deep sadness and shame.

The image of heavily armed Israeli troops shooting unarmed civilians at point blank range, after boarding a Turkish vessel on the high seas, is a terrible indictment of the depths that the Israeli government now plumbs in an effort to control one and a half million souls in Gaza, in complete and utter contempt of world opinion and international law. This is compounded by a report today that one soldier responsible for the killings is to be awarded a medal. Should this report be true, then we can only despair not only at the depths of gratuitous violence but also the contorted thinking of a state acting as a trapped animal that will kill anything or anyone that crosses its path..

This last week has seen Israel-supporting news media, on both sides of the Atlantic, full of bare-faced lies and distortion in regard to the plight of those in Gaza and the food and medicines available. Their protestations fly in the face of the evidence as recorded by the UN and numerous NGOs.  There is too little food at affordable prices and insufficient water as a direct result of Israeli government policy not to kill the inhabitants but merely to let them go hungry.  They are controlled and restricted at every turn by the extremist Israeli government of Netanyahu and his cohorts who believe they have carte blanche from an AIPAC controlled American administration. Virtually all business in Gaza has collapsed as a direct result of the Israeli policy that sees this as a way of maintaining Israel’s hegemony in the predominately Muslim Middle East.

These are the horrific actions of an Israeli government that pretends to be Jewish and to adhere to Jewish principles but in effect acts as a totalitarian state police machine wielding machine guns and grenades to force the submission of a powerless civilian opposition.

For so long as AIPAC supports such actions, there is little any of us can do to avoid the headlong plunge of the Israeli state into a permanent pariah status.

It is a tragic end to Herzl’s brave dream.


UK Foreign Secretary: “”We urgently need to see unfettered access to Gaza to meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza and to enable the reconstruction of homes, livelihoods and trade.

William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, makes the following statement following the peaceful interception of the Rachel Corrie:

June 6, 2010, 12:08AM

“I am glad that the interception of the Rachel Corrie has been resolved peacefully. As I set out in the House of Commons last week, we want to see a full, credible, impartial and independent investigation into the events surrounding last week’s interception of the Gaza flotilla, which resulted in the tragic deaths of nine people. We continue to stress to the Israeli government the importance of an investigation that ensures accountability and commands the confidence of the international community, and includes international participation.

“We urgently need to see unfettered access to Gaza to meet the humanitarian needs of the people of Gaza and to enable the reconstruction of homes, livelihoods and trade. That is why we continue to press the Government of Israel to lift Gaza’s closure. I am also discussing these issues urgently with our international partners – including during my visits to European capitals in the next few days.”

NOTE WELL the words: ” .. an independent investigation that includes international participation”

The world needs to know, and quickly, why nine unarmed civilians were shot at point blank range by armed troops who had illegally boarded a ship in international waters.

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