03 Aug

“Dealageddon” is hardly a win for anyone other than the GOP

Nearing the eleventh hour on Monday, the House passed a debt ceiling deal that will prevent the U.S. from defaulting on its debt, for now. Jon Stewart, who closely followed the debate last week between budget cut-seeking Republicans in Congress and tax increase-seeking President Obama, promptly reacted to the last-minute deal on Monday night’s “Daily Show,” explaining why the resulting “dealageddon” is hardly a win for anyone other than the GOP.

The deal, consisting of trillions of dollars in spending cuts but no revenue increases, will raise the debt ceiling until 2013 but has Stewart wondering why President Obama gave up on his demands. What about all that talk about how important it is to have a balanced debt reduction plan including higher taxes on the rich? Stewart was even more confused when the President thanked the American people for tweeting and contacting their Congressmen and women to garner support for his plan, even though hardly any of it made it into the final deal:

“Let me just stop you right there — you’re not pinning this turd on us. Last time I checked, the buck stops with you, not the Twitterverse.”

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