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Crimes of the Church, But Listen to the conservative Italian Catholic Church

Articles from the conservative Italian Catholic website www.pontifex.roma.

The McGlynn: These “holy” people are very, very sick.


Against the Pope and the Church now we are total gossip. A furious attack by blind and anticlerical forces. Pope to express my utter closeness and solidarity


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 00:00
Catholic Church in the hands of furious attacks by some media, slander and meanness that left unscathed even the clear and bright picture of Pope Benedict XVI, Pontifex which expresses its total, complete and unconditional solidarity. This regrettable situation, we spoke with Monsignor Agostino Proud, Archbishop of Potenza, vice president of CEI, upright man and just old-fashioned gentleman, who is living in the same small way of the cross of the pope. Sir, what is happening to the Catholic Church? “Without doubt there is a violent and incredible smear campaign, unprecedented. Some secularist forces and the service of evil are persecuting us, and even go to besmirch and slander the person of the pope which is my full and total solidarity” . But why is this happening? “Should ask about***********************************I wonder if it is normal that many cases of pedophilia are all out now and at the same time. The thing is at least suspect. “In short, a real attack,” and I assume full-time and calculated to be premeditated. “From whom?” Probably strong powers wishing to intimidate and discredit the Church, which still is not afraid and follows his own way

The specious arguments of the Jews. Behind the attack on the Pope and forces hostile to the Church of anti-fans. Condemnation for pedophile priests. The claims homosexuals unacceptable


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 00:00
“Of course, Jews are likely have a high sensitivity especially in front of certain issues and therefore better to avoid all accidents. They are often specious” says the Bishop Emeritus Monsignor Giorgio Goretti of Assisi. Excellence for some time now, is in a violent campaign against the Pope, “guilty” only of defending the values of the Gospel. Like to say, but the only Italian politician who had the courage to defend the Pope was the League’s Calderoli. Your Excellency, what do you think of this? “Undoubtedly the Church is undergoing a very difficult and problematic. The priests who were guilty of pedophilia have made a grave disservice to the Church and it must be said bravely. Just a single case pedophilia scandal to cry. ” But in his view, the Church must pray the mea culpa? “I think not. It is not, in the case of a collective guilt attributed …******************”Then a little dig:” I have the utmost respect for the victims of pedophile priests, have suffered a tragedy. But sometimes I wonder how credible testimonies of people who remember the alleged abuse after thirty years. Why then were silent? “. How do you explain the ‘hatred of newspapers?” Is not the position of journalists, perhaps because the publishers and their interests. We must react to this rubbish with the power of truth and the Gospel.

The Church must not recite mea culpa: Responsibility is always people, never the institution. The Pope’s doctrinal clarity annoying. Rigor with those who make mistakes


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 00:00
The theme of pedophilia in the Catholic Church continues to take the bench. With great wisdom and sense of responsibility, Pope Benedict XVI has said through his spokesman, wanted to meet the victims of this horrible plague. The hot topic, spoke with authority, the Bishop Emeritus of Pisa, Monsignor Alessandro Plotti. Excellence among the many “accusations”, run to the Pope, even that he had been silent on pedophilia during Holy Week: “I heard somewhere that you wanted mea culpa by the Catholic Church, says the bishop, and I beg to differ by this request, emotionally touching, but in the wrong way. ” Why? “The responsibility of criminal acts committed by unfaithful shepherds are always individual and never collective, and therefore I see no reason why the church should play a generic mea culpa that makes no sense. It has the wrong. ..

Bertone on pedophilia and homosexuality is holy and wise statements. Ask the intervention of the legislature and sets up the offense of crimes against humanity and attempt to reproduce the human race


Wednesday, April 14, 2010 00:00
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican number two, believes that << “Many pedophilia scandals that rocked the Catholic Church are not related to homosexuality and the celibacy of priests.” This statement has provoked an immediate reaction of the Chilean associations defending the rights of homosexuals. “Many psychiatrists and psychologists have shown that there is no connection between celibacy and pedophilia, but many others – and I was also confirmed recently – have shown that there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia. This is the truth and there is the problem,” said Vatican Secretary of State responding to a radio interview with Chilean. > Everyone knows that breeds only between beings of different sex. The practice of homosexuals is an attack on humanity and seeks the extinction of the human race. It’s no use hiding behind a fake and an apparent tolerance goodism Christian, this ………………………………..This is wrong, morally wrong and the Order of Physicians, psychiatrists, the CEI, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, helpline and all bodies involved in the protection of minors, should denounce this daily positions.And ’cause morally wrong and unfair to the young and promoting sin in their minds a false idea of normality is misleading, deviant, anti crisitiano and crime .!!!!I reiterate the point that homosexuality is not humanly correct, as a gay couple can not procreate and careful daily to procreation and survival of the human race. Again, would be denounced all those who spread messages deviant and amoral.Not to mention, then, millions of gay addescatori child and, by the way they do-gooders, introduce them to the drama of homosexual disease. This is also a serious offense! The judiciary to intervene


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