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Week ending Friday, March 25, 2011
Weekly Highlight:

“Imagination At Work,” Or Figuring Out How to Pay No Taxes On Obscene Profits

by Abby Zimet

General Electric, the nation’s largest corporation and maker of Japan’s failed nuclear reactors, last year had worldwide profits of $14.2 billion. They paid no taxes – and claimed a $3.2 billion tax benefit, thanks to fierce lobbying and what the Times calls  “innovative accounting.” Oh yeah, and Obama just named its CEO his liaison with the business community. An infuriating look at what’s wrong with multinational capitalism, and this weekend’s US Uncut actions nationwide to protest it.  



Our Weekly Most Read Views…

  1. John Nichols: America’s Not Broke, Wisconsin’s Not Broke; We’re Just Wasting Money on War
  2. Ralph Nader: Nuclear Nightmare
  3. Robert Fisk: Libya: The Wearingly Familiar Odor of Regime Change
  4. Rebecca Solnit: The Butterfly and the Boiling Point: Charting the Wild Winds of Change in 2011
  5. Marjorie Cohn: Stop Bombing Libya

Our Weekly Most Read Headlines…

  1. [field_image_caption-raw]Liberal Democrats in Uproar over Libya Action
  2. [field_image_caption-raw]US Soldiers Posed with Dead Afghan
  3. [field_image_caption-raw]Maine Governor LePage Orders Removal of Labor Mural from Dept. of Labor, Sparking Outcry
  4. [field_image_caption-raw]Germany Set to Abandon Nuclear Power for Good
  5. [field_image_caption-raw]Dennis Kucinich: What Is Economic Democracy?
  6. [field_image_caption-raw]West’s Strikes on Libya hit Arab League Criticism
  7. [field_image_caption-raw]Some Critics of Japanese Storage System See a Worse-Than-Chernobyl Scenario Ahead
  8. [field_image_caption-raw]Judge Issues Temporary Order Blocking Union-Busting Bill
  9. [field_image_caption-raw]Plastic Particles Circulating Endlessly in World’s Oceans
  10. [field_image_caption-raw]‘Kinetic Military Action’ or ‘War’?


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