12 Mar

Colbert Mocks Glenn Beck’s Seedy Advertisers

The Colbert Report  
Survival Seed Bank

Last night, Stephen Colbert refuted Glenn Beck’s claim that his hour long interview with Eric Massa was a waste of time, acknowledging there still were some great commercials.

Said Colbert: “Glenn’s advertisers know nothing moves product like the hot stink of fear.” Case in point: a commercial for a product called Survival Seed Bank, in which the spokesman claims nonhybrid seeds will be more valuable that silver and gold, and thus save you from the impending economic meltdown.

Survival Seed Bank’s message mirrored the craziness of Beck, himself, seemingly predicting an apocalypse. The commercial claimed that the product provided enough seeds to plant a full acre “crisis garden,” which of course got Colbert excited: “When you’re tilling the earth with a human femur while the sky is raining fire, you’ll want a reliable supply of radicchio and mini squash.”

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