03 Sep

Cheney Mimics Pinochet in Rationalizing Torture

“Everything that was done had no other goal than making Chile greater.”

By Matthew Rothschild, Progressive


So there was Dick Cheney roasting the marshmallows that Chris Wallace had put on a stick for him.

See Dick fume.

See Dick blow smoke.

See Chris fawn.

Example: Wallace ask Cheney about whether it was a mistake not to bomb Iran, “knowing that here as Barack Obama and he was going to take a much different—“

Cheney: I am going to—if I address that, I will address it in my book, Chris.

Wallace: It’s going to be a hell of a book.

Chencey: It’s going to be a great book.

The whole interview was obscene.

It was like interviewing Charles Manson on whether the decision to prosecute the Sharon Tate murders was a good idea.

Of course, Cheney thinks it’s a terrible idea. He was the guy who pushed hardest for waterboarding and everything else.

His rationale was immoral top to bottom. It was your basic the ends justify the means.

And then he excused all the means. Including bringing a power drill and a gun into the interrogation room so long as they weren’t used.

Evidently, mock executions are OK with Dick Cheney.

Evidently, mock dismemberments are OK with Cheney.

Evidently, threatening to kill someone’s family members is OK with Dick Cheney.

Evidently, anything that protects the fatherland is OK with Dick Cheney.

Leaving aside whether these tactics actually did protect the fatherland, and even John McCain recognizes that they were a boon to Al Qaeda, examine Cheney’s mentality.

His is a Pinochet mentality. On his deathbed, the leader of the Chilean junta said: “Everything that was done had no other goal than making Chile greater.”

Even Pinochet was finally investigated and put on trial.

Cheney should be, too.

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