21 Mar

‘Change we can believe in’

The rhetoric of President Obama has long ago ceased to work its wonder. Many will have thought that his ascendancy to power would have ushered in a new age of ‘Hope’ in which the dominant world military power could review its agenda for ‘Democratic’ change, admit its inability to veil the true nature of its assault on the Middle East, and return to a less venturesome form of rule at home. This is obviously not what President Obama intends. The rhetoric, which was truly masterful prior to the election, has now been sloughed off along with the mask of the promised ‘Change that you can believe in.’ What can be seen is a dramatic escalation in the number of deaths of innocent civilians as U.S. troops enlarge their arena for ‘democratic’ change in the Middle East. What can be seen is a continuation of support for the apartheid policies of Israel and for their assault on the Palestinian people. What can be seen is the abandonment of the principal of civilian trials for prisoners held at Guantanamo and the speedy acceleration of Military Tribunals with the accompanying notions of indefinite detention and trial without jury. What can be seen is the agreed censorship of an archive of photos which establishes clearly the complicity and in many instances the direct supervision of torture by U.S. agents and by U.S. elected officials. What can be seen is the guarantee of immunity from prosecution by President Obama for all U.S. Military and Governmental personnel involved in the illegal war in Iraq, a war that has claimed the lives of more than one million people. What can be seen is the continued collusion between the International Banking Industry, an industry that has benefited greatly from the destruction of local forms of commerce, and the U.S. Government. What can be seen is a refusal to provide support to the millions made desperate by a Banking crisis that was largely, if not entirely self-generated. What can be seen is the hand of Government extended fully to the Bankers while closing to those millions whom have been made homeless and jobless. No, you will surmise from the little remarked upon here, there has indeed been no ‘Change we can believe in.’

Mark McGlinn

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