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20 Dec

Michelle Obama And George W. Bush, Pathetic

Per Michelle Obama: “I’d love if we as a country could get back to the place where we didn’t demonize people who disagreed with us. Because that’s essentially the difference between Republicans and Democrats,” she said on Today. “We’re all Americans. We all care about our family our kids, and we’re trying to get ahead. […]

24 Oct

Brother Ed has passed away.

To Ed From his sister Mary     A River Runs Through Him You will not see him often, now, Wading into his beloved Holy Waters. Fly casting can be difficult, sometimes, for older bones. You will not see him often, now, But he is there. You will not say, late some evening, As you […]

08 Mar

The Daily Post – Will Spring Come by The O’Leary

The McGlynn Read more by The O’Leary

01 Mar

Clinton Campaign scrubbs promise to “lay out a comprehensive energy & climate agenda”

Clinton Campaign scrubbs promise to “lay out a comprehensive energy & climate agenda” from site By Lefty Coaster Tuesday Mar 01, 2016 Didn’t see that coming? On January 20th I posted this comment about Hillary’s long promised “comprehensive energy and climate agenda” to deal with the urgent problems needing to be addressed to try to reduce the changes […]


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