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15 Jan

Martin Luther King Born on January 15, 1929

I HAVE A DREAM… MARTIN LUTHER KING SPEECH – August 28, 1963 There are brilliant moments in human history and magical moments in our lives, when our perception of the world is crystal clear and “time” itself seems to stand still! When these events occur, we remember exactly where we were and what was transpiring […]

09 Jan

Join JVP as a member today to tell Israel: Blacklists won’t intimidate us into silence.

Dear The McGlynn I’m equal parts furious and sad: The Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry put Jewish Voice for Peace on the list of organizations now officially banned from entering the state of Israel.  So I’m writing to ask you to join JVP – right now.  We need to prove that these repressive tactics are not […]

03 Dec

Freethought of the Day

Freethought of the Day Kristin Lems On this date in 1950, folksinger and songwriter Kristin Lems was born to an acclaimed concert pianist and a Dutch immigrant father. She grew up in Evanston, Illinois. She was a National Merit Scholar, a Fulbright scholar and recently completed her Ph.D. Accompanying herself on guitar, Kristin became the […]

30 Nov

The Trump Allegations – Sexual Misconduct Accusations

The Trump allegations A list of the sexual misconduct accusations made against Donald Trump. He has denied the allegations by Lucia Graves and Sam Morris A growing list of powerful men have faced serious consequences for sexual misconduct allegations but the most powerful one of all has faced none. Instead Donald Trump’s official position, as […]


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