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Ask your senator to sponsor Supreme Court ethics legislation


Ask your senator to sponsor Supreme Court ethics legislation

Dear The McGlynn,

The corrupting influence of special interests has infected most of our government, and we’ve seen the results: Wall Street ran wild, climate change is being ignored, and pay-to-play politics have started to dominate our Congress.

But there is one body that is supposed to rise above all of that: the Supreme Court. Granted, I have been critical about many of the Court’s recent opinions — and I’m troubled by how many of their recent rulings tip the scale in favor of wealthy interests. But much of America’s trust in our system of government rests on the fundamental fairness of the highest court in the land. And we must make sure it lives up to that trust.

However, several recent stories about the conduct of our Supreme Court justices, including Justice Clarence Thomas, threaten that perception. Fortunately, Representative Chris Murphy (D-CT) has introduced a bill in the House that will institute ethics rules to oversee the conduct of Supreme Court justices and protect their integrity from doubt. It’s great legislation, but someone needs to sponsor it in the Senate to give it a chance.

Urge your senator to step up and sponsor Rep. Murphy’s Supreme Court ethics bill in the Senate. Click here to use our easy online call tool to get connected directly to your senator’s office.

Justice Thomas’ close ties to wealthy donors and his wife’s role in the Tea Party have caused serious concerns regarding his impartiality, but these stories are symptoms of a larger problem. We cannot allow even the slightest hint of undue influence from special interests or the appearance of corruption in the Supreme Court. We must act to protect the integrity of our judicial system.

I’m asking progressives like you all over the country to make these calls because I know they can have a significant impact. I was a senator for nearly two decades; we pay a lot of attention to what our constituents call in to tell us.

The best part is how our new online call tool makes it simple to speak your mind.

All you do is tell us who you are and where you live, so we can connect you to the right senator. Then we give you some suggestions for things you can say to them. Before you know it, you’ve made a difference in this debate.

And this is a debate that we absolutely must have — and win — before confidence in our justice system erodes any further.

Make a difference in this critical Supreme Court ethics debate. Ask your senator to sponsor Rep. Chris Murphy’s legislation in the Senate now.

Getting progressives from communities across America to unite and take action on a clear issue of corruption is what Progressives United is all about. As a member, I hope you’ll join us in this important fight.

Thank you for uniting as progressives,

Russ Feingold
Progressives United

P.S. Progressives United will always fight corruption in elections and in government, but as we saw with the Supreme Court’s horrible ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the problem often comes from the top. So please take a minute, click here to use our easy online call tool, and urge your senator to sponsor this important Supreme Court ethics bill.


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