20 Nov

Any Health Care Reform That Isn’t Medicare For All Is Just A Fraud On The American People

Our most urgent current mission is to get enough people to speak out to compel REAL health care reform. YOU can be a critical part of this initiative by putting the following code in the sidebar of your website, which will place a reduced size version of the video below, and we’ll give you a link back.

Any Health Care Reform That Isn’t Medicare For All Is Just A Fraud On The American People
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It’s now official, the health care bills Congress is trying to pass stink to high heaven. Today John Conyers said that “progressives held their nose” in voting for it. We didn’t send them to Washington to hold their noses, we sent them there to get out there fight for good public policy. And they’d better start listening. But first we need to speak out in greater numbers.

And the Senate is working on something even worse, a bill that is even weaker than the one from the House, that won’t even really kick in for 5 YEARS, like they think they can sneak through a couple more elections before we notice the stench. It’s just a replay of the phony credit card reform bill, only with 5 times as long for the medical insurance companies to keep gouging us before the big nothing takes effect.

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