13 Apr

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UN team ready for Syria deployment

Peacekeepers awaiting Security Council approval to oversee ceasefire that appears to have lasted into its second day.
Last Modified: 13 Apr 2012 13:17 GMT

Middle East

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Cairo protests against Mubarak-era candidates

Rally called by Muslim Brotherhood backs parliamentary moves to ban former officials from running for presidency.
Last Modified: 13 Apr 2012 13:17 GMT

Middle East

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India-Pakistan border post opens for business

Historic checkpoint reopens to commercial traffic in bid to boost trade between antagonistic neighbours.
Last Modified: 13 Apr 2012 05:32 GMT

In Pictures: Pyongyang preparing for holiday

Al Jazeera staff13 Apr 2012 12:33 GMT
Images of ordinary North Koreans working and playing, as the government readies for a major celebration.

Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest – video

In September last year, anti-corporate activists descended on a small park in lower Manhattan and Occupy Wall Street was born. As protesters ready for a spring resurgence, film-maker Kat Keene Hogue looks back at more than six months of Occupy, a movement that spread from Zuccotti Park to over 100 cities around the world

Republican candidate Mitt Romney in Rhode Island

Address in St Louis comes against backdrop of Trayvon Martin shooting, and the ‘stand-your-ground’ laws the NRA supports

Mayor Michael Bloomberg discussing “First Shoot” laws and the NRA  on Wednesday. “In reality, the NRA’s leaders weren’t interested in public safety,” he says. “They were interested in promoting a culture where people take the law into their own hands and face no consequences for it.”

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