21 Jun

Amy Goodman | ‘Dreamers’ Add New Chapter to Their Story

21 June 2012

Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Samuel Alito with Chief Justice John Roberts.

Goodman | ‘Dreamers’ Add New Chapter to Their Story

Goodman, Op-Ed:
“Undocumented immigrants in the United States number
around 12 million people, a group larger than the populations of most countries
on the planet. Among those are as many as 800,000 young people who are now most
likely eligible for limited legal status, thanks to executive action taken last
week by President Barack Obama.”

U.S. Senators Stand Up to Protect Public Health

Weidman, News Report:
“Today the Senate rejected another attempt to
block vitally important public health safeguards. Forty-eight Democratic
Senators and 5 Republican colleagues voted against Senator Jim Inhofe’s (R-OK)
Congressional Review Act resolution, S.J. Res 37, which would have blocked the
Mercury and Air Toxics Standard. Forty-one Republicans and 5 Democrats voted for
it to stop the mercury protections.”

Swoon Over Holder’s ‘Partisan’ Leak Probers (and Forget Ken

Conason, Op-Ed:
“This week, Republicans on Capitol Hill opened yet
another front in their continuous sniping against the Obama administration, the
Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder. Having demanded a federal
investigation of intelligence leaks, they now claim to be outraged because
Holder has asked two United States attorneys to conduct that probe — and one of
the two happens to be a Democrat.”

California, Thousands Die Prematurely For Lack of Health

Sundaram, News Report:
Because of the size of its population and the
large number of its uninsured, California, more than any other state, has a
“great stake” in the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision, noted Anthony
Wright, executive director of Health Access, during a press conference June 19.
He said the state has been “aggressively implementing” the ACA to maximize its
benefits. About 50,000 Californians will lose health care coverage if the high
court strikes down the law.

the China Option

Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, Op-Ed:
“Since talks with Iran over
its nuclear development started up again in April, U.S. officials have
repeatedly warned that Tehran will not be allowed to ‘play for time’ in the
negotiations. In fact, it is the Obama administration that is playing for time.
Some suggest that President Obama is trying to use diplomacy to manage the
nuclear issue and forestall an Israeli strike against Iranian nuclear targets
through the U.S. presidential election.”

the Numbers: The U.S.’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry

Lee, News Report:
“The growth of the private detention industry has
long been a subject of scrutiny. A recent eight-part series in the New Orleans
Times-Picayune chronicled how more than half of Louisiana’s 40,000 inmates are
housed in prisons run by sheriffs or private companies as part of a broader
financial incentive scheme. The detention business goes beyond just criminal

Of Power

Pitt, Cartoon:
Stephen Pitt is NationofChange’s art director. Stephen
is a southern California artist whose work focuses on matters political, social,
and economic. In 2004 Stephen began drawing and painting political imagery to
communicate his sincere displeasure with disturbing changes set in motion by
ideologues acting in bad faith. With a background in figurative drawing and
respect for color, Stephen traded the 6B pencil for a digital stylus and went to
work. Published by the San Francisco Chronicle and Z Magazine, Stephen’s work
has since been seen on Truthout and Firedoglake.

You Here to Save Face Or Save Us?” Teen Brittany Trilford Tells Rio+20 World

Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Video Report:
“On Wednesday, 17-year-old
environmental activist Brittany Trilford of Wellington, New Zealand, addressed
more than a hundred heads of state at the opening plenary of the Rio+20 U.N.
Earth Summit, the largest United Nations gathering ever. ‘We are all aware that
time is ticking, and we are quickly running out,’ Trilford said. ‘You have 72
hours to decide the fate of your children, my children, my children’s children.
And I start the clock now.’”

Cole | Sectarian Violence Undermines Syrian Regime

Cole, Truthdig Op-Ed:
“The Syrian upheaval has gone through several
stages. It began with relatively peaceful protests by crowds in a handful of
small and medium-size cities outside the large metropolitan areas of Damascus
and Aleppo. Severe repression by the national regime led some revolutionaries to
turn to guerrilla tactics. The ruling Baath government subjected the quarters
held by the Free Syrian Army to heavy artillery and tank assaults.”

Rehabilitation Centers in Florida Under Scrutiny

Ferriss, News Report:
“A group of Florida public defenders is asking a
state court to remove and stop sending troubled juveniles to a privately run
detention facility they claim is rife with abuses. A court filing disclosed
Wednesday also accuses Florida juvenile-justice officials of lax oversight and
asks the court to appoint an independent monitor to investigate the Thompson
Academy, a 154-bed ‘moderate risk’ residential center in Florida’s Broward

277: Live Coverage of the Occupy Movement

Josh Harkinson, Special Coverage:
“As we enter Day 277 of the Occupy
movements the protests have spread not only across the country but all over the
globe. Thousands of activists have descended on Wall Street these past weeks as
part of the #OccupyWallStreet protest organized by several action groups. What
follows is a live video stream and live Twitter feed of this event.”

Reich | How Wall Street Aims to Keep U.S. Regulators Out of Its Global Betting

Reich, Op-Ed:
“The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the main
regular of derivatives (bets on bets), wants to extend Dodd-Frank regulations to
the foreign branches and subsidiaries of Wall Street banks. Horror of horrors,
say the banks. ‘If JPMorgan overseas operates under different rules than our
foreign competitors,’ warned Jamie Dimon, chair and CEO of JP Morgan, Wall
Street would lose financial business to the banks of nations with fewer
regulations, allowing ‘Deutsche Bank to make the better deal.’”

Immigrant Detention Centre Closed in Spain

Benítez, News Report:
The closure of one of Spain’s eight immigration
detention centers on Wednesday was celebrated by human rights groups, which for
years have denounced the prison-like conditions in the centers. “We are pleased
with the closure of the Centro de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE – immigrant
detention center) of Málaga, and we congratulate all of the organizations that
took part in the struggle to achieve this,” Mamen Castellano, president of the
NGO Andalucía Acoge told IPS.

Rico’s Lessons in Revolutionary Campaigning

Lakey, Op-Ed:
“Radical activists often face a dilemma about how to
relate to campaigns. Campaigns focus on relatively short-term and winnable goals
rather than the fundamental change that we radicals long for. Sometimes we
choose to hold ourselves aloof because we can see that stopping a particular
environmental danger or human rights abuse doesn’t necessarily open the

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