19 Jun

Am I wearing orange colored glasses or did John Boehner just pretend to care about women?

Margaret & Helen

by: Helen Philpot

Margaret, the Republicans are trying to get into my vagina again.
I wish I knew what was up there that they find so interesting. This
time it was about sex-selective abortions with a bill sponsored
by Trent Franks of Arizona
. In spite of the pressing issues with
the economy, Speaker of the House John Boehner justified Congress
spending more time worrying about a woman’s womb by saying, “This
is an important issue to the American people. This type of sex
selection most Americans find pretty repulsive, and our members feel
strongly about it. That’s
why it is being brought to the floor
.” Am I wearing orange
colored glasses or did Boehner just pretend to care about women?

Yes. It is repulsive. I agree. But then again so are most of the
“Housewives” shows on Bravo, and Congress hasn’t passed any
laws about that.

The bill never had a chance. Once again this was another
Republican with an axe to grind against Planned Parenthood just
wasting Congress’s time by forcing a vote to get on record who
supports abortion and who doesn’t. As if we didn’t already know
by looking through the
gun scope crosshairs on Sarah Palin’s rifle
. The Republican
party caring about women? Margaret, that dog just don’t hunt.

In truth, this is a tricky one. Of course the idea of preferring a
male child over a female child is archaic and sex-selective abortions
should be repulsive to most Americans – if not all. But once again
the Republicans missed the point entirely and created a bill that
clearly was
just another attempt to limit a woman’s right to decide
when or
if she will bring a child into the world. I wonder how these same men
would vote if the law was about sexual preference-selection instead
of just gender selection?

The law (which didn’t pass) was purposely written so that a
woman’s husband or parents, by merely alleging that an abortion is
because of gender, could seek injunctive relief to prevent the doctor
from performing abortion procedures, and once again the women finds
herself in courst about an incredibly private and personal decision.
Boehner and his group give very little credit to the woman. Just like
waiting-periods, invasive transvaginal sonograms, right-to-know laws,
and personhood amendments, they got this one wrong too.

Goodnight can’t we just move on already? We get it. Republicans
want to make sure that no woman anywhere for any reason can have an
abortion. Some even want a restriction on birth control of any kind.
Well I have a solution. Republican men should refrain from having sex
of any kind. I bet the number of abortions would drop dramatically.
And on a side note, I imagine many women could finally get a good
night’s sleep.

A sex-selective abortion is just the symptom. The actual problem
is a sex-selective society where men like Boehner and other
Republican leaders continue to make women second-class citizens. Many
of the bill’s supporters have rejected equal pay for women and have
tried to slash funding for programs that serve women and children.

Create a society where women – and all people – truly are
equal and this problem goes away. But that really never was the
intent of this bill. I mean it. Really.


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