23 Jul

A Message to President Obama – Re Shirley Sherrod

I am sure I speak for all right thinking Americans. I urge you with all the passion I can muster to do the following:

You, and I mean you, call Shirley Sherrod on the phone. Request her to come to the White House, our House. Just ask her that. Nothing more.

You meet her, alone,  on the steps to the White House, our House.  You then proceed alone to the microphone and you apologize profusely for your actions,  that of your Administration and that of the right wing nuts who are constantly crawling out of the woodwork of our society.

You then invite her to the White House Gardens, our Gardens, You and her then have a drink alone. No press.

After this, you proceed to the Oval Office, our Office, and fire Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The McGlynn

PS You have not only insulted this good and decent woman, who was on the front lines fighting for “the good society” long before you came along, you have insulted me and all decent Americans.


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Another action you should take: apologize to all the good people of America for letting your administration act in fear of Fox News and their followers. You have offended all those good people who voted you into office.

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