03 Jul

Wage Peace


Let your local editor know why you oppose this escalation.

The McGlynn,

The U.S. is planning to send hundreds of millions of dollars in military assistance to the Middle East, in response to increasing violence in Iraq, the Obama administration announced last week.   News coverage, meanwhile, has overlooked the contradiction that U.S. aid is destined for opposing sides of the same conflict. In Syria, the Obama administration is arming opposition groups who support its anti-regime position—and in Iraq, the administration is taking a pro-regime position, funding and training the Iraqi government and its forces. One of the great tragedies of this cycle of war is the persistent failure to commit the resources and attention necessary to build peace. By adding more weapons to the conflict now, the U.S. is making regional solutions even harder to achieve. We need to change the way we in the U.S. talk and think about war.  That’s why, at the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), we encourage you to join a letter-writing campaign to show newspapers across the country that there is public opposition to U.S. military engagement in Iraq and Syria. Please join us by sending a letter to your local paper today. In peace,

  Peter Lems and Mary Zerkel

American Friends Service Committee 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 19102

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