16 Jul

Weekly Digest – The Economy

The Economy

Bank vs. America (U.S. News & World Report)

Pat Garofalo pulls from Roosevelt Institute Fellow Mike Konczal’s work to explain why the failure of the Home Affordable Modification Program matters. Areas with more mortgage debt have higher unemployment and weaker recoveries, making mortgage modifications essential.

This Week in Poverty: Confronting Congressional Hunger Games (The Nation)

Greg Kaufmann discusses the coming cuts to food stamps, which are currently up in the air thanks to the SNAP-less farm bill the House passed on Thursday. He looks at other coalitions to work on hunger and food insecurity, but they can’t fill the gap.

Prepare for the New Permanent Temp (Harvard Business Review)

Michael Schrage looks at the jump in part-time and temporary employment in recent years. He suggests that while many are grateful for any employment, since employers don’t invest in the people in these categories, the trend is bad for workers.

In Labor Board Filibuster Fight, Republicans Kindly Offer To Take Over Agency (HuffPo)

Dave Jamieson examines at the Senate’s fight over filling the National Labor Relations Board, and the GOPs recently proposed deal. That deal would shortly give Republicans control of the board, which would not be good for workers and organized labor.

McDonalds Tells Workers To Budget By Getting A Second Job And Turning Off Their Heat (ThinkProgress)

Annie-Rose Strasser reports on McDonalds’ new budgeting website for its employees. Apparently employees should have no trouble paying all of their expenses – if they have a second job, and a heating bill of $0.

How to Fearmonger About the Fed (In 2 Easy Steps) (The Atlantic)

Matthew O’Brien is frustrated by inflation hawks’ continued insistence that the Fed’s bond-buying policies are destroying our economy. The data shows that the Fed’s policies are working, but by just mentioning the 1970s the fearmongers get attention.

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