05 Jul

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Japan says Fukushima disaster was ‘man-made’

Parliamentary panel finds that meltdown at nuclear site was not only due to tsunami, and criticises official response.

Last Modified: 05 Jul 2012 11:47 GMT


Nations blast S Korea ‘scientific’ whaling

Conservationist nations and environmental groups denounce Seoul’s move to resume hunting whales under research loophole.
Last Modified: 05 Jul 2012 08:29 GMT

South Africa hails life-saving HIV programme

Treatment that provides free anti-retroviral drugs reportedly saves 70,000 infants each year.


Chinese citizen journalism succeeds

By Al Jazeera Staff

Scrolling down on one of China’s biggest news portal sites or reading local newspaper this week in China, you won’t find the top news of the country. This is a week for the flourishing citizen journalism on China’s twitter-like service Sina Weibo.

With over 300 million registered users and daily tweets of over 100 million, Sina Weibo tells you exactly what people care about the most everyday, and this week, with millions of tweets everyday, the key word Shifang dominated the top 10 most talked-about subjects online……………..

Middle East

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Jews up in arms

By Melissa Chan

The leader of the country’s Kadima Party has threatened to part ways with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party, saying it will be an issue of “a matter of days” before the reckoning.

Politicians from both the Left and Right are up in arms. And all of this brouhaha stems from the matter of what to do with the ultra-Orthodox Jews. ……………………


Higgs boson discovery

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