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Tuesday 18 October 2011


On the News With
Thom Hartmann: International Monetary Fund Calls on Governments
Around the World to Ditch Their Austerity Agendas, and More

today’s On the News segment: Occupy Wall Street movement begins its
second month, third quarter profit numbers show Wall Street is making
a killing while Main Street is drowning, Republicans in the House
refuse to vote on President Obama’s American Jobs Act – so he’s
decided to break it up and try to pass it piece by piece, the
International Monetary Fund is calling on governments around the
world to ditch their austerity agendas of spending cuts, anti-Latino
hate crimes have risen dramatically in recent years, and more.
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and the Death of Keynesian Economics

Corcoran, Truthout: “Obama’s dead-on-arrival jobs bill, which
followed trillions in spending cuts that were made during the debt
ceiling controversy, remind us that politicians have stopped
seriously trying to save the economy through job creation and
government spending. The protests on Wall Street show that the public
recognizes that change will only come when the people take matters
into their own hands.”
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Occupy Chicago
Grows, Looks for a Permanent Home

Yana Kunichoff,
Truthout: “Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Bank of America and JPMorgan
Chase all have their own slice of downtown Chicago, but the
grassroots occupation movement Occupy Chicago has yet to find a
permanent home. Since Occupy Chicago’s attempt to take start an
encampment at a swathe of prominent Grant Park on Saturday ended with
a mass civil disobedience in which 200 activists were arrested, the
movement has been offered a meeting with Emanuel.”
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Rebecca Solnit |
Letter to a Dead Man About the Occupation of Hope

Solnit, TomDispatch: “Dear young man who died on the fourth day
of this turbulent 2011, dear Mohammed Bouazizi, I want to write you
about an astonishing year – with three months yet to run. I want to
tell you about the power of despair and the margins of hope and the
bonds of civil society. I wish you could see the way that your small
life and large death became a catalyst for the fall of so many
dictators in what is known as the Arab Spring. We are now in some
sort of an American Fall. Civil society here has suddenly hit the
ground running, and we are all headed toward a future no one imagined
when you, a young Tunisian vegetable seller capable of giving so
much, who instead had so much taken from you, burned yourself to
death to protest your impoverished and humiliated state.”
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Walking Like an
Egyptian: Food, Farming and Foreign Policy

Naiman, Truthout: “If imitation is the sincerest form of
flattery, then ‘#occupy’ protesters around the world this weekend
just gave the Arab Spring an Academy Award. Of course, the chain of
inspiration of freedom and justice seekers is unending in history,
but there’s no question that the Arab Spring opened a new chapter
which is inspiring people to protest for justice worldwide.”
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Wall Street’s
Moneymen Shower Cash on Candidates

Goldstein, McClatchy: “Even as protests over its political
influence grow louder, Wall Street is one of the leading sources of
money so far in the 2012 race for the White House. Not surprisingly,
the biggest beneficiary has been Republican hopeful Mitt Romney,
according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a
nonpartisan campaign-finance watchdog group.”
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Civil Disobedience

George Goehl, The Nation:
“‘There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal,’ proclaimed
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he took a risk and spoke out
forcefully against the War in Vietnam. As more Americans debate
whether to leave the sidelines and join the Occupy Wall Street
movement, we should heed Dr. King’s words. Our individual silence is
a form of acquiescence, and we speak volumes not only through our
action but also through our lack of it. Silence signals that we are
okay with what’s happening, or that we have simply given up. While
Occupy Wall Street has inspired a new level of consciousness in
America, we have only just scratched the surface of what will be
needed to shift the political economy of our country.”
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Scandal Engulfs American Legislative Exchange Council’s UK Affiliate,
a Closer Look at Its US Operation

Lee Fang and
Scott Keyes, ThinkProgress: “The Atlantic Bridge, the British
affiliate organization to the American Legislative Exchange Council,
is quickly erupting into a scandal that may force the public to
scrutinize the practices of both right-wing groups. Earlier this
month, the U.K.’s Charity Commission shut down Atlantic Bridge after
an investigation revealed that the nonprofit has operated as little
more than a front for various corporate lobbying and Tory party
interests. The scandal has already forced the resignation of David
Cameron’s Defense Secretary Liam Fox after the revelation that the
Atlantic Bridge’s London-based director, Adam Werritty, had
improperly acted as a high level advisor to Fox while employed by a
number of military industry and lobbying clients.”
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Paul Krugman |
Sounds of Outrage Heard on Wall Street

Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “Harvard’s Nieman Watchdog Web site
recently featured a very good piece by John Hanrahan, a former
reporter at The Washington Post, about press coverage of the Occupy
Wall Street demonstrations. ‘There has been an outpouring of
well-informed criticism of the mainstream news media’s initial
coverage and non-coverage of the Wall Street protests,’ Mr. Hanrahan
wrote. Coverage was initially dismissive and minimal – and mea culpa,
I wasn’t paying attention myself. But it’s becoming clear that
there’s something important happening: finally, after three years in
which the Very Serious People refused to hold the financial industry
accountable, there’s a real grass-roots uprising against the Masters
of the Universe.”
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Influence: There Are Politicians Who Work on Behalf of Corporations
and Those Who Work on Behalf of Humans

Hartmann, Berrett-Koehler Publishers: “Increasingly, citizens of
democratic nations are setting aside labels like Republican,
Democrat, Tory, and Labour when considering their politicians.
Instead the labels in people’s minds are: working in the interests of
corporations and working in the interests of individual
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Marine Corps
Veteran Sgt. Shamar Thomas Discuses Occupy Times Square and the Role
of Veterans’ Rights Within the Economic Justice Movement

Keith Olbermann, Countdown: Made famous by
his poignant message to police while protesting at New York’s Occupy
Time Square, Marine Corps Veteran Sgt. Shamar Thomas speaks with
Keith Olbermann about the role of veterans’ rights within the occupy
the Video

Robert Reich | The
Meagerness of the Republican Debates, the Smallness of the
President’s Solutions and the Need for a Progressive

Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog:
“Republicans are debating again tomorrow night. And once again,
Americans will hear the standard regressive litany: government is
bad, Medicare and Medicaid should be cut, ‘Obamacare’ is killing the
economy, undocumented immigrants are taking our jobs, the military
should get more money, taxes should be lowered on corporations and
the rich, and regulations should be gutted.”
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Maybe there’s more to Mayor Bloomberg of New York backing down
from having the New York Police Department (NYPD) eradicate Occupy
Wall Street than his incestuous and profitable relationship with Wall
Street (given his $19.5 billion in wealth from the financial industry
“personal” link
with the owners of
Liberty Park).

Bloomberg has used the NYPD as a militarized occupation force
in southern Manhattan to contain and suppress a group of Americans
intent on outing the financial mismanagement of Wall Street. But he’s
in a fix.

Apparently, New Yorkers don’t agree with the baronial mayor,
who likes to give the appearance of being a “common man”
from time to time.

The fifth paragraph of a New
York Times article
updating the mayor’s continued
thinly veiled disdain for the growing movement for accountability
from the financial titans – and for
just society
– reveals that the multibillionaire
defender of oligarchical rule (after all, he is a role model in this
area) is facing overwhelming opposition to his position:

A Quinnipiac University poll released on Monday found
broad support for Occupy Wall Street; 72 percent of New York City
voters, including 52 percent of Republicans, said the protesters
should be able to stay as long as they wanted if they continued to
obey the laws. The telephone survey, of 1,068 registered voters, was
conducted from Thursday to Sunday.

Those are landslide numbers of New York City residents who
support Occupy Wall Street protesters exercising their rights in a

In New York State, Bloomberg’s use of a public police force to
defend the entrenched, gluttonous and
counterproductive-to-the-national-interest leadership and practices
of much of the financial industry is also facing a stiff pushback,
to The Associated Press

The push for a higher tax on New Yorkers making more
than $1 million a year is getting fresh life with a new poll showing
overwhelming support, a high-profile rally on Monday and the
strengthening Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.

The Siena College poll found 72 percent of New York
voters support the tax to avoid further budget cuts. Just 26 percent
oppose the proposal by powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Mayor Bloomberg is using taxpayer money on deploying an
occupying police force to try to close down a demonstration of
taxpayers guaranteed in the Constitution.

He sounds a bit like King George just before the American

Mark Karlin
Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

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