17 Oct

Scoring political points at the expense of women’s lives

NARAL Pro-Choice America
Dear The McGlynn,

HR358 resultsFind out how your lawmaker voted and send him or her a

Last week, 251 members of the U.S. House of
Representatives made clear what they stand for: scoring political points at the
expense of women’s lives.

It’s unconscionable that these politicians would let a woman facing
life-threatening complications in pregnancy die if she goes to a hospital that
refuses to provide emergency abortion care.

We’ve posted the results from Thursday’s vote on our website. Check to see how your representative,

It’s frustrating and infuriating to see so many lawmakers turn their backs on
women in tragic circumstances.

By voting for H.R.358, these lawmakers also showed no empathy for women who
will lose access to insurance coverage for abortion care. Women should have the
option of choosing a health-insurance plan that covers all their potential
reproductive-health needs. But this bill makes that next to impossible for
millions of women in the new health-care system.

Although we lost the vote on H.R.358, 172 members of Congress stood
up against this extreme attack on a woman’s right to choose. Please find out if your member of Congress is on the list, and
thank him or her. We must counter the anti-choice blowback that these brave
lawmakers are going to experience

Thank you for taking action today. Standing up for our allies and calling out
our opponents will only make us stronger.

In solidarity,

Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

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