22 Sep

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Tell the super committee we want the Buffett Rule

Progressives pushed and insisted, and now President Obama has put forward a
plan that looks a lot like our petition to super committee Democrats:

The president announced this week that he wants the super committee to make
sure those making more than $1 million a year are asked to contribute to
relieving our long-term debt burden by paying a fairer share of taxes, or he’ll
walk away and veto anything they pass. People are calling this the “Buffett
rule”: millionaires and billionaires shouldn’t pay lower tax rates than the rest
of us.

But as Talking Points Memo has reported, “the plan is set to hit a
brick wall in Congress — even in the Democratically controlled Senate and the
bipartisan super committee.”

We can’t let that happen. The super committee is holding a hearing
today on “revenue options and reforming the tax code” — and it’s now accepting
comments from the public.
We need to speak up now.

Click here to submit your comments directly to the
super committee today — and tell the members to support President Obama’s
“Buffett rule.”

President Obama’s proposal — named after billionaire Warren Buffett, who
said it’s wrong that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary — might never
have happened if progressives hadn’t united to demand it.

The president calls it “basic math,” and I call it common sense: Millionaires
and billionaires should pay their fair share to help us balance the budget and
create jobs. We can’t put it all on the backs of working families who are
struggling to get by during these tough economic times.

But the influence of big corporations and the super rich is strong in
Congress, and several senators — including Democratic ones — are already
opposing this crucial effort.

This proposal is what we wanted. This is what thousands of us have already
asked the super committee to do.

Now that it has the backing of the president, we need to go beyond a
petition. We need to raise our individual voices to the members of the super
committee and tell them to look out for us.

Tell the super committee how important it is to make millionaires pay
their fair share:
Click here to use our easy online tool now, and
your comments will go directly to the super committee.

We still have the odds against us, but we have the President of the United
States on our side. He’s a powerful ally with a big bully pulpit, and it should
encourage us to keep fighting.

Thanks for uniting as a progressive,

Russ Feingold
Progressives United

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