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The US military has been openly pressing for an escalation of the war in Afghanistan

November 12, 2009

For weeks, the US military has been openly pressing for an escalation of the war in Afghanistan as more troops are being sent daily. According to recent reports, President Obama is preparing to add another 40,000 troops to those already deployed. If this trend continues we will face another supplemental funding request for a war we can ill-afford.

Where’s Congress? According to reports from the grassroots, when constituents call their offices, most staffers can’t say where their Representative or Senator stands on the issue. They are waiting to hear from the President, many explain. Those who do oppose the escalation prefer to mute their differences with the White House.

This is an appalling abdication, when the majority of Americans are now opposed to the Afghanistan war. By their silence, our elected representatives are ceding the field to the military. It is their job to speak out now, when Congressional opposition can still make a difference. It’s time to ask your Reps to take a public stand against escalation, to demand a military withdrawal and a new plan for economic assistance that doesn’t depend on a military occupation.

Next steps:

  • The trickle of phone calls should become a flood. Call President Obama, your Representative and Senators to let them know you oppose more troops in Afghanistan and want a plan for U.S. withdrawal. Find your Reps here

White House Comment line 202-456-1111. Number of the Congressional Switchboard is 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121.If no one is available in the Washington office, who can answer your question, then call the local office and ask to speak to the Community Coordinator.

If your member of Congress continues to duck the issue or calls for an increase of troops, organize an action at their local office that expresses your anger and disappointment with their failure to represent their constituents.

Expecting that President Obama will announce his decision to escalate the war and send more troops soon, communities across the country are planning events to protests on the day of his announcement, or the day after.  Click here  to find or post an event in your community

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