22 Nov

“I submit my resignation.”

Matthew Hoh: “I submit my resignation.”

Just last month, Matthew Hoh resigned from his position at the State Department to protest the Obama administration’s seeming determination to send tens of thousands more American troops to a disastrous war in Afghanistan. In that short time, Hoh has become one of the smartest, most compelling, articulate, and principled dissenters our country has seen against the failed Afghanistan occupation.

If the Obama administration doesn’t listen to Hoh now, his warnings of the tragedy that lies at the end of the path of escalation will come to haunt our nation in years to come.

Obama will announce a decision on escalation within weeks. But according to news reports, he is having second thoughts about the wisdom of throwing more American soldiers into a quagmire.

Now is the time to sign our petition to President Obama and send it to others. Then help us continue this important work on Afghanistan by becoming a Brave New Foundation member. As a thank you, you will have access to our Brave New Conversations series, where you can watch amazing Conversations with extraordinary personalities – including a discussion with Matthew Hoh on why the U.S. is following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union on a road to disaster in Afghanistan.

This is a war that we can’t survive. It is time to end our presence there. Even the police are Taliban. We are sending all our money into this battle, if we can call a struggle that, and we are losing our people, our future, our incomes, our children, and all for nothing.
The Taliban grows because of our presence there. We make enemies by what we do. The eyes of an injured child are filled with hatred of Americans. Let’s vote now for peace. This is why we elected Obama.

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